Mediterranean Food Srl | Italy

Mediterranean Roots, Italian Quality

Tomatoes, Legumes and Pasta - Taste and wellbeing from our land !

Peeled Tomatoes

Plump and hearty, peeled tomatoes have had their skins gently removed. They are then lovingly bathed in a rich, silky tomato puree.
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tomato paste

When only a bold, robust tomato flavor will do, tomato paste - in single, double or triple concentrated form - is the clear choice. It pairs beautifully with our other tomato products to amplify the intense taste and substantial mouthfeel of ripe, juicy tomatoes.
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legumes & pulses

The finest vegetables and legumes from Italy, found in our Classic Vegetables lines, for those who want nourishing food without sacrificing taste.
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pasta & spaghetti

Durum wheat semolina pasta sits at the center of Italy’s culinary heritage and forms the foundation of Rosanna’s offerings.
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