Tomatoes, pulses, legumes, wheat and pasta products and derivatives are traditional agricultural crops and the fundamentals of living and eating healthy handed down for centuries among all generations of the peoples living on the Mediterranean Sea. The true center of the world and the cradle of its civilization and culture.
MEDITERRANEAN FOOD is the name chosen , not surprisingly , for this company , engaged in the production and exporting on all world markets for these products. Products in many cases unique and inimitable because of the characteristics and organoleptic qualities. It is no coincidence that the MADE IN ITALY make possible such a success, it is a guarantee of flavor, and at the same time of compliance to the highest standards of quality. An essential combination when it has to do with what we eat .

Characteristics of success in all markets and increasing penetration are also:
the constant presence on the reference markets for decades ;
the right mix of product quality, competitive pricing, customer service;
The total devotion to customers has meant that it was always kept the maximum attention to the segment PRIVATE LABELS, giving the same care and devotion to the service provided and the selection of the quality parameters that are required for productions distributed with our own brands. The undisputed historical presence of the ROSANNA brand in various markets worldwide, is already sufficient to prove its quality and reliability. The products covered by that trade mark in fact have historically been among the first to spread the Italian quality around the world without ever betraying their high standard requisits. Just as because introduced later in temporal order, but not second to Rosanna for quality level, is REGINA brand, the other brand owned. This is also representative of the best Italian products. Both ROSANNA and REGINA are registered trademarks and therefore inextricably linked to the MEDITERRANEAN FOOD SRL, the only company in the world owning them and then authorized to use them for distribution .

Today MEDITERRANEAN FOOD SRL covers the main world markets thanks to a rich network of relationships established over time, but always remaining vigilant and careful to perceive and meet the new requirements proposed by the markets and the demands that come from new customers .